JONATHAN W MITCHELL is an extremely well known and highly respected member of the Building Industry and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Profession in South Africa.

He is a Past President of the Master Builders Association, and is a past Chairman of the Association of Arbitrators in the Western Cape.He is also a Past Chairman of the Building Industry Bargaining Council,(Cape of Good Hope)

Over the years, he has presided over numerous arbitrations and mediations and has frequently delivered expert testimony in High Court and in several Magistrates courts, around the country. His appointments as Arbitrator are frequently nominated by the Association of Arbitrators, (Southern Africa), or by the president of The Master Builders Association.

As a consultant, in the preparation of claims, he is highly regarded for his integrity and honesty amongst both employers and contractors. A large portion of his clients come via referrals, many of which are via the legal representatives of the parties.

He has an excellent knowledge of the numerous forms of building contracts, including sub-contract agreements. His knowledge of building construction practice is extensive, as is his knowledge of the National Building Regulations and other specialist trade specifications published by the SA Bureau of Standards.

Frequently, he is consulted by attorneys and/or counsel for his specialist knowledge in arbitration and construction matters. He abides by his policy, that if he cannot add value to his clients cause, then he would rather be released from his mandate.

Clients feel confident and reassured when they have the counsel of JONATHAN W MITCHELL on their side. However , when he is appointed as arbitrator in a matter, he is always totally impartial and insists on abiding by the rules of natural justice and the audi alteram partem rule.



To resolve disputes in a professional, expeditious and cost effective manner, preferably through the means of an alternative dispute resolution procedure.